City College Ladies Fight 'White Savior' Complex

This local online mag earned a bit more participation last year but we see they're still trying to make a horse race of it and we appreciate their effort . . . Despite more than a few misguided missives.

Accordingly, here's a profoundly naive personal essay that might only make sense to college hotties whilst drinking overpriced coffee . . .

"Some white people may come to this article feeling like BIPOC should be thankful that there are white people who want to dismantle white supremacy and that we shouldn’t complain about how they participate in the process. I think that this is another really good example of the white savior complex because of the air of superiority/ego (“I am above fixing a problem that I am a part of, be glad I’m doing it”) and avoiding accountability (“because I am above fixing this problem, I don’t want to hear about how I should be doing it or if I’m doing it wrong”)."

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What is the White Savior Complex? | Her Campus

An unfortunate symptom of white supremacy is the white savior complex. This complex, although not necessarily outwardly malicious, is very harmful to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) and BIPOC communities. It shows up in a variety of ways, some that contribute to global racism and some that contribute to microaggressions in individual relationships.