Check 'White Privilege' Clip That Evoked Kansas School Apology Demands

A brief online video has sparked outrage over the racially charged discourse throughout the nation. 

It's worth considering that just like the horrific advice in the bestselling hit "White Fragility" . . . This is, in fact, a white on white crime . . . Or at least just another silly faux pas.

It turns out there's more to the story and, again, the incident isn't really so one sided:

The Wichita, Kansas principal "showed his staff the video because students had been shown it late last year, following an incident in which racially-based comments were made to some students. He wanted to ensure the staff were aware what the students had seen, he told the outlet."

Take a peek . . .

A quick description . . . 

"In this story from Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity, a film from World Trust, author and educator Dr. Joy DeGruy shares how her sister-in-law uses her white privilege to stand up to systemic inequity."

Even more insight and instruction:

Examples of Privilege:  Being able to...
   - assume that most of the people you or your children study in history classes and textbooks will be of the same race, gender, or sexual orientation as you are
   - assume that your failures will not be attributed to your race, or your gender
  -  assume that if you work hard and follow the rules, you will get what you deserve
  -  succeed without other people being surprised; and without being held to a higher standard
   - go out in public without fear of being harassed or constantly worried about physical safety
  -  not have to think about your race, or your gender, or your sexual orientation, or disabilities, on a daily basis...

Looking at this list . . . It's kinda clear that most of the po'folk working-class white people or ethnic whites that I've encountered don't really have these kind of "privileges" under discussion.

But I digress . . . 

As readers already know . . . The somewhat boring clip caused Kansas teachers to lose their mind AND sparked an international news sensation.

Read more via news link . . .

Kansas principal ordered to apologize for showing a video about white privilege after teacher said it created a hostile work environment

A Wichita school principal was told to apologize after showing an anti-racist video to staff. The video showed a racist incident and how someone leveraged white privilege to be an ally. KMUW reported that one teacher objected to the video, calling it offensive.

You decide . . .