Blue Springs School Erupts In Panic Over Freshman Milk Carton

A sign of the times and possibly a bit of insight for parents into why more teens are suffering high levels of anxiety, depression and self-harm.

Here's the resolution . . .

A letter sent to parents said there was an "unconfirmed report of shots fired in the area" and there was a large police presence as a result.

Blue Springs police later said the shooting was unfounded and no one was hurt.

Police handed over the investigation to the district's public safety office.

They determined the gunshot sound to be a noise made by a milk carton popping at the freshman center.

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Blue Springs schools briefly placed on lockdown Tuesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three Blue Springs School District campuses were put on a brief lockdown Tuesday after a reported shooting in the area. Thomas Ultican Elementary School, Blue Springs High School Freshman Center and Blue Springs High School were instructed to shelter in place around lunchtime.