BikeWalk KC Proved Tyrannical During COVID Pandemic

Many years ago, what started out as grassroots advocacy for the safety of cyclists has become full blown "bike supremacy" and its ruining cities across the nation.

During the worst phase of the pandemic, opportunistic advocates shut down local streets on a whim and became so brazen in their war against automobiles that they turned many neighborhoods against their cause.

Now the 3rd District demands the ability to OPT-OUT of cyclist schemes and other parts of KC are following their lead.

Meanwhile, a shameful use of language and constant lies have soured many former supporters against this crusade . . .

One example out of many . . . Check Bikewlk KC stressing "open streets" when they really want to shut down traffic . . .

"In Spring 2020, we successfully pushed for and helped write the Open Streets policy to allow neighborhoods to close residential streets to create more space to walk, bike, and play during the pandemic lockdown and into the future. This was part of a broader pandemic response which also included automatic pedestrian crossings at over 100 intersections and the outdoor dining program for local restaurants."

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Recapping Progress for KCMO Pedestrians During the Pandemic

With all of the policy developments around biking and transit, it's easy to walk past the developments on the pedestrian front in Kansas City. Yet even within the years of the pandemic, there have been bright spots for walking in the city, supported by the advocacy efforts of people like you.