Alleged Jaywalker Beat Down By Indy Po-Po Results In High-Profile Lawsuit

The deets of this case don't look good for an embattled local law enforcement agency.

Even worse . . . This TV report features video evidence that typically doesn't play well in a courtroom even if viewers might not find it conclusive.

Check-it . . .

In the end, Layton was arrested for jaywalking and possession of a controlled substance. Layton’s attorney argues that “controlled substance” is medication for epilepsy,

The lawsuit also questions what happens when citizens complain to police. It points out three supervising officers within internal affairs reviewed the incident.

The lawsuit claims officers senselessly tased, tackled, choked, beat and ramed layton's head into the cold steel door of a paddy wagon. Layton was also racially branded by Independence police officers who repeatedly called him a "N*****" . . .

The police chief named in the lawsuit no longer works for the Independence Police Department. He retired at the end of last year.

As for the other four officers, two are no longer with the department. Two remain.

The spokesperson for the IPD informed us department policy is they don’t comment on pending litigation.

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Independence man files suit against IPD after being arrested for what he says was 'walking while Black'

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) - Four Independence police officers, the former police chief and the city are being sued for battery, racial discrimination and excessive force. You can read the entire filing here. It stems from an incident on Feb. 14, 2020. Justin Layton was walking along 39th Street in Independence.