TKC Fact Check: Even Kansas City Cyclists Don't Use Bike Lanes!!!

Bike lanes are a bad idea and they're falling out of favor in the urban core as streets grow more crowded and the sketchy designs only seem to confuse people on the road.

Let's not forget that Armour Road in Midtown has a been a bike lane disaster and even supporters of the redesign were forced to go back and fix their dangerous handiwork.

Before the cold weather, one of our KICK-ASS TKC READERS sent us this note with pix to show the ongoing design FAIL in action . . .

"Bikes on city streets today taking up the street while bike lane empty! Armour Linwood to 36"

This might seem like a minor gripe until locals realize that Kansas City taxpayers have invested MILLIONS into this plan. 

We often filed complaints about unused bike lanes and amateur urban planners argue that not all streets are crowded at every moment of the day . . . In this instance we would remind these same folks that cars typically use streets and not sidewalks . . . So this little slice of life offers a glimpse at an expensive scheme that isn't holding in the real world.

Developing . . .