Show-Me Hipster Fear Of Greitens Comeback

This local roundup from The Pitch is basically a laundry list of complaints from white ladies who get most of their news from the other moms on Facebook.

However, there's a gem that needs to be picked out . . .

The local white lady intelligentsia has very legit concerns about courting disgraced former Governor Greitens and swallowing Democratic Party leadership strategy about an easier opponent . . . 

We need to prepare for a barrage of the most repellent campaign ads imaginable—Greitens revisiting his glory days as a Navy Seal, Schmitt bloviating about his presumed “war on tyranny,” and everybody shamelessly sucking up to Trump.

Some Democrats are not-so-secretly pulling for Greitens to win the Republican primary on the theory that the sex scandal and shady campaign finance dealings in his past will steer voters toward the Democratic in the general election. Even Missouri Republicans have been accused of trying to kneecap his campaign.

I am not so sure about this. The Democratic field lacks a heavyweight candidate. Do we really want to risk the prospect of Greitens and Josh Hawley both representing Missouri in Washington?

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