Show-Me CRT Slap Fight Legislation

At the very least, this culture war distraction proves that public education remains a hot mess and nothing more than a playground for political indoctrination from many sides of the discourse.

Here's the ham-fisted proposal that might be well-intentioned but also forbids most of the worthwhile reading material that's essential for educated people to garner a well-rounded perspective on a myriad of ideas that are always in competition.

Check-it . . .

“This bill in no way is trying to stop kids from thinking,” Republican bill sponsor Rep. Nick Schroer said. “It’s trying to prevent educators (and) prevent institutions from flooding kids with a certain train of thought (and) teaching them this is the only way to think about these situations.”

Opponents of critical race theory argued Tuesday that it teaches white students to feel ashamed or guilty in the context of learning about the nation’s history of racism and slavery. Proponents say it elevates voices that are often downplayed in American history and exposes children to a broader range of perspectives.

Under Schroer's proposal, schools would be banned from using any curriculum that “identifies people or groups of people, entities, or institutions in the United States as inherently, immutably, or systemically sexist, racist, biased, privileged, or oppressed.”

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Missouri bill would ban critical race theory in schools

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - Missouri House lawmakers on Tuesday debated bills that would ban critical race theory in K-12 schools and give parents and guardians more control over what their children learn, an issue that likely will dominate this session.