Show-Me Bullet Train Cut Down & Build Back Better Hype

The Prez promised more rail in his recent KC speech. 

Meanwhile, the reality is that very few people are using one of the more popular local routes and flying taxis might be a more promising solution

Nevertheless, heavy government funding for a low efficiency mode of transit that nobody really wants is the American way.  

Even better . . . TKC readers call this KC to STL route THE BULLET TRAIN and few people use the more appropriate "river runner" moniker.

Here's public radio propaganda in support of a federal project . . .

"On Monday, Amtrak cut services between Kansas City and St. Louis by half. Now only one round trip per day is offered, and many riders say they are having to change their travel or work plans."

Hint: Almost NOBODY is really impacted by this and everybody just drives this route anyhoo.

Read more via news link . . .

Amtrak riders adjust travel plans after a reduction in the Missouri River Runner train service

Before Monday, four Amtrak passenger trains ran the Missouri River Runner route between Kansas City and St. Louis. Two trains would depart each city, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Now, federal and state COVID relief dollars, which funded the twice-daily service, have run out, cutting the number of trips in half.