Science Seyz KC Rain Rises As Winter Fades

Another warm winter day reminds us that AOC's doomsday countdown is getting closer.

Sadly, because we're optimists . . . We offer this bit of hope and a glimpse at the soggy future of this cowtown . . .

The new 30-year trends show a 1% increase in precipitation in Kansas City while at the same time a 3% reduction in snow for each calendar year. So now we average 38.3 inches of precipitation and 18.2 inches of snow, down from 18.8 inches.

The only season that's shown any significant change from a temperature standpoint is winter, which is trending milder compared to the previous average.

The data makes it clear: Winters in Kansas City are slowly getting warmer.

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'The new normal': KC's average winter temperatures are slowly getting warmer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some people think our winters have been milder in recent years. Is that true? Every so often, the FOX4 Weather Team will refer to the average temperature for a certain day and perhaps how the current forecast compares to that average.