Parenting Amid Kansas City Chiefs Playoff FAIL

Of all the fan perspective on playoff disappointment I think a local blogger pens my favorite post because it offers practical advice and slice of life from the real world.

Here's my favorite passage and worthwhile read for those with the time this morning . . .

"I had been trying to model good behavior, good sportsmanship, not yelling or complaining or moping, just keeping it steady. But in a way I think my son had the right idea. Cry a bunch all at once, then move on to art projects or Nintendo and go to bed without much of a care. Meanwhile I will be replaying the lowlights in my head until I finally fall asleep, which I suspect is still a ways off."

Read more via news link . . .

A short tale of champions, runners-up, and all-weather fandom

Today was a day of highs and lows, and tears of joy and sorrow, all having to do with sports. I woke up at dawn, still a wee bit tipsy from the previous night's campfire reunion of friends, and tuned in to the 4th set of Nadal vs.