Local NextGen Joins Catholic Church

Here's an inspiring note that we wouldn't have found without the help of our blog community.

Premise . . .

Local don't really read about the faith life of young people. 

In fact, that last time TKC can remember watching somebody under 30 reference something about a faith community was Lindsey Lohan taking raunchy turn in a campy action movie.

Nevertheless . . .

For Sunday mid-morning we offer this glimpse of a very dedicated lady giving her life to God:

She visited the Sisters, Servants at their convent and had the opportunity to accompany a Sister attending a sick patient in their home. The incredible simplicity of this ministry of presence struck a deep chord and changed her perspective.

“I realized that we don’t need titles and advanced degrees to serve people,” said now-Sister Teresa. “It’s more important to operate on the level of the heart. The service the Sisters, Servants provide — as humble as it is — opens people up to the Lord.”

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Simplicity of Sisters, Servants' ministry won young woman over - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper

by Therese HorvatSpecial to The Leaven KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The persistence of God's call drew Teresa Seaton to a religious vocation. But it was the compelling charism of the Sisters, Servants of Mary, Ministers to the Sick that attracted her to this particular religious community. On Dec.