Newsflash: Students Demonstrate Protest Skillz In Lee's Summit

Alternate post title: Nobody's learning anything in Sleaze Scummit.

Today's example . . .

"The students marched through the halls, and then briefly left the building without leaving campus," Katy Bergen, executive director of public relations for the district, said. "The district responded by creating an opportunity for students to express themselves safely in the gym. Students in the gym were kept safe and supervised while they shared concerns before returning to class."

The protest was in response to information and rumors shared on social media by students about "discipline issues" by the school administration to an incident earlier this week where a student used a racial slur.

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Lee's Summit middle school students protest alleged 'discipline issues' by administration

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Students at Pleasant Lea Middle School, in the Lee's Summit R-7 School District, protested during school Friday due to alleged "discipline issues" by the school after a student allegedly used a racial slur.