MLB Lockout Greed Proves Kansas City Taxpayers Shouldn't Fund Downtown Stadium

Pro-teams are a waste of tax money . . . Their benefit is vastly overstated and the ultimatums and threats waged against cities to garner the cash is tantamount to ransom.

Smarter people than TKC have already crunched the numbers: 

Sports stadiums do not generate significant local economic growth, Stanford expert says

Nevertheless, Kansas City is stuck in a hype loop that ignores facts in order to sell a shiny new object.

Meanwhile . . .

The greed of MLB owners is now on display for anybody who is looking.

Here's a great passage that makes it plain . . .

"To the owners, however, it is not an unforced error, because they are not interested in competitiveness or game balance or even the health and wellness of the injured human beings in their employ who accrued their injuries while on the job. They are interested in cash money. They want to protect their asset—the franchise—and make money. It has always been the case, but when not a single owner stuck out their neck to say, “Hey, the lockout isn’t necessary for negotiations, and I think my players should have access to the multi-million dollar fitness facilities and tools that we’ve made available to them,” the man behind the curtain is awfully visible."

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The owners are at fault for the lockout even though the lockout hurts their teams

Major League Baseball is in a lockout. This is common knowledge. Pretty much everyone who follows baseball knows that this means teams can't sign free agents or make trades with other teams, and to be fair that is the biggest visible consequence of the lockout. Unfortunately, the lockout is more than that.