Last Chance For Kansas City Chiefs To Claim Another Super Bowl?!?

Hometown coverage is nearly impossible to watch because it's ALL hype.

For critical readers and others who like making informed bets . . . The "Chiefs Kingdom" and talk of dynasty is for suckers. 

Reality rarely lives up good marketing. 

And so, one of the very best TKC readers directed our attention to this recent report . . .

"The word for the next year or two of Chiefs football will be retooling. This process already started with the offensive line last year, but imagine that turnover applied to the whole roster. It really does seem like a lot of turnover for major role players is coming. The Daniel Sorensens and Demarcus Robinsons of the roster might finally be let go. When those types of players were still young, it made sense to keep them. Now, all of those role players are older and it just makes logical sense to try and find cheaper — and maybe even better — replacements."

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This Could Be the Last Playoff Run For the Current Era of Chiefs Football

This is the last hurrah for an era of Kansas City Chiefs football: the Mahomes rookie contract years. An ending of the era does not mean names like Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill will not be on the team but over the next year or two, the Chiefs will be in something of a transitory period.