KU Med Doc Talks COVID Risk For Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Weekend

A low key comment about the ongoing pandemic and the threat to football fans still deserves attention if only because Kansas City desperately wants to forget about the current plague and enjoy carefree good times.

Here's the word . . .

Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer for the University of Kansas Health System said during a medical briefing on Friday that those who have been fully vaccinated and boosted, who have very recently recovered from COVID-19 or who have both been vaccinated and recently recovered have a lower risk of getting infected, but there’s always some risk of spreading the virus.

“The likelihood of getting the virus, even if you’ve been vaccinated and had it, you can take it home and share it to whoever your family members are, is not going to be insignificant this weekend,” Stites said.

Again, it’s a matter of personal risk. Just like the holiday season, everyone will have to decide what’s best for them and their families.

“My advice is [to] take stock of your situation,” Stites said.

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