KK Questions Prez Biden's Supreme Court Legacy

TKC isn't really interested in listening to white dudes talk about the evils of outdated phrases like affirmative action . . . But Kietzman is one of the good ones so we'll hear him out.

Check the talker articulating the rage of your dad or grandpa . . . 

"If it's against the law to hire a person based on their skin color or gender how can Joe Biden get away with limiting his talent pool for VP and Supreme Court Justice to only black women?"

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Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court-meet 5 who could be up for the job

During a press conference in Delaware in June 2020, President Joe Biden said that he hoped to appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court if the opportunity presented itself. Now, in wake of the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, Biden intends on fulfilling his pledge.

Fox News panel reacts to Breyer retirement with immediate backlash to Biden picking a Black woman: 'What you're talking about is discrimination'

46th and current president of the United States Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States American newscaster and television host who joined Fox News in 2005 A Fox News panel reacted strongly to news of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's plans to retire.

Who is on Biden's shortlist to replace retiring Justice Breyer?

With Justice Stephen Breyer's reportedretirement opening a seat on the Supreme Court, President Joe Biden has a chance to fulfill a campaign promise to name a Black woman to the Court for the first time.

Breyer's retirement from Supreme Court prompts 'Squad' to call for Black woman nominee: Biden, 'you promised'

Members of the progressive "Squad" have quickly responded to news of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement by calling for a Black woman to take his place. "It is past time for a Black woman to be named to the Supreme Court," Rep. Cori Bush, R-Mo., tweeted on Wednesday.

Tucker Sneers That George Floyd's Sister Is 'The Obvious Choice' for Biden's Supreme Court Nominee

Tucker Carlson hit another low mark on Wednesday night when he said that President Joe Biden only cares about race and gender when it comes to nominating a Supreme Court justice and thus should select the sister of George Floyd, the Black man murdered by a Minneapolis police officer in 2020.

You decide . . .