Kansas Political Map Fight To Save Rep. Sharice Davids Stays Losing?!?!

The upcoming midterms are literally dividing Kansas and sparking more debate about gerrymandering and/or the integrity of Johnson County . . . Lulz.

Here's an apt summary from a golden ghetto blog that's not any fun . . .

 Opponents argued Republican leadership rushed the map and did not do enough to preserve the integrity of minority communities and other communities of interest, pointing to the decision to divide Wyandotte County along Interstate 70 and to move Lawrence into a rural district that stretches to the Colorado border.

Democrats described the proposed map as an attempt to shift power in favor of one party by shattering the 3rd Congressional District.

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Kansas Senate approves congressional map that splits KC metro - Here's what it looks like

Kansas Republican senators over the course of a three-hour debate Friday countered criticisms of their plan for the state's congressional district boundaries, passing the controversial "Ad Astra" map.