Kansas Guv Kelly Confronts 'Pelosi On The Plains' Tag From Republians

The Kansas GOP isn't about to let Guv Kelly take credit for anything this year . . . Not even tax breaks for cooperation to push them through.

This is to be expected and Republicans aren't willing to let her keep "moderate" credentials. 

The ploy here is to paint her as "Pelosi On The Plains" and push their empty suit into power.

Here's progressive media attempting to boost the embattled politico . . .

"Kansas Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly wants to use billions in surplus cash to cut taxes. But Republican leaders appear reluctant to go along in an election year."

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A glut of cash and issues from tax cuts to medical marijuana await Kansas lawmakers

TOPEKA, Kansas - Kansas lawmakers returning to Topeka this week find a growing pile surplus of cash - and some tough election-year choices. They'll need to redraw the state's political map, and sort out a perennial list of issues like medical marijuana, sports gaming and election security.

Taxes, vaxes and maps: Kansas Legislature kicks off session

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and Republican lawmakers are eager to cut taxes because Kansas is flush with cash, but the annual legislative session that opened Monday is shadowed by redistricting, election year-politics and COVID-19. With GOP supermajorities in both chambers, lawmakers expect to debate what public schools should and should not teach students about race and the role of racism in U.S.

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