Kansas Delta 8 Crackdown Coming Soon?!?

Even in the most po'dunk parts of Kansas it's hard to believe that police wouldn't have something better to do than hassle broke-ass hipsters selling snake oil in strip malls.

However . . .

Here's the current state of CBD affairs in the Sunflower State . . .

Delta 8 is illegal in Kansas and how it became that way is about as complicated as explaining Delta 8 itself. In western Kansas, the Ellis County Attorney prosecuted a case dealing with Delta 8. He says he asked the attorney general’s office for guidance but didn’t get much of a response. The outcome of the case categorized Delta 8 as a controlled substance.

“They’re using this language as an opportunity to try to charge people with possession of a controlled substance, and the Ellis County attorney is is the one who has kind of put that ball in motion,” co-owner of KC Hemp Co., Heather Steppe said.

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Delta 8 now illegal in Kansas but medical marijuana may be on the way

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The debate over Delta 8 is leaving some confused, and others out of luck. It comes from hemp and cannabis plants. A recent legal decision in the State of Kansas changed it's classification to a controlled substance. You've probably seen signs, ads, and flags along the road for Delta 8 throughout the metro.