Kansas City Star Denounces 'Vocal Minority' Protesting COVID Mask Mandates

Showing that they're COMPLETELY out of touch with their neighbors, the former "paper-of-record" for the metro castigates voters who dare to speak up at public meetings.

Here's their overly dramatic money line . . .

But the real winner is the virus, since the vocal minority pressuring county legislators to say no to mandating masks, and those refusing to get vaccinated, are on the wrong side of efforts to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

Jalen Anderson, 1st District at-large member of the county legislature and a co-sponsor of the ordinance, said it was withdrawn because he and the two other sponsors, Crystal Williams and Scott Burnett, worried that with only eight of the nine legislators present, they did not have the support needed for it to pass.

The lack of respect for the democratic process is surprising. 

For the record, TKC thinks masks are a good idea even for youngsters but there is simply no denying that dress codes are unpopular.

What's astonishing is that so many of our progressive friends can't understand the justifiable resistance COVID restrictions and orders imposed on youngsters. 

More importantly . . . 

It's a stretch to say that opponents of mask mandates are part of a vocal minority. A trip to the gas station should inform most voters that people simply aren't wearing masks.

And so . . . Once again, Kansas City's newspaper seems isolated, dispassionate and removed from the community they serve . . . And just like the last remaining progressive supporters of the current White House administration, they shouldn't be surprised when people turn away from their leadership or lack thereof . . .

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The only winner at Jackson County meeting about masks for kids was COVID-19

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Cheers that erupted in the Jackson County Legislature chambers on Tuesday clearly indicated that the anti-mask- mandate folks who packed the room, waving "No to Masks" signs, believed they had won a big victory. Legislators withdrew a proposed ordinance that would have required all children to wear a mask while attending public schools in the county.