Kansas City Star Condemns 'The Chop' Again

The daily newspaper continues a multi-year crusade against a local tradition.

TKC reality check . . . This battle and the future of tacitly racist Kansas City branding will be decided by global advertisers and not cowtown plebs.

Meanwhile, here are clueless suburban scribes attempting to shame their readers and take just a bit more joy away from one of many backward local traditions . . .

Native American-led groups have protested the team’s name itself, and some of the fan traditions that draw on Native American imagery such as the “tomahawk chop” and the corresponding chant and drumming, for more than 15 years. Those who continue to protest say the imagery is harmful because it trivializes and mocks Native culture.

As seen at any game, not all fans agree. The debate around the Chiefs name, cheer and imagery have been ongoing, but it came back in the spotlight after the Washington Football Team changed its name in 2020, with a new name coming on Feb. 2.

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