Kansas City Singles Lament Hookup Culture Amid COVID

Dating tech might be a great way to pick up a slew of nasty STDs . . . But sadly, it doesn't cure loneliness.

At least that's our takeaway from a powerful missive just posted by a local magazine.

Here's the best passage . . .

Post-pandemic dating is a sea of dud matches and hollow conversations with a carousel of suiters not really interested in seriously navigating the new and uncharted world. People are just bored. As it turns out, so was I. There’s only so much time we can spend physically sequestered away, relying only on some digitally mediated form of communication as our sole connection to the outside world.

While many of us who were already predisposed to introverted tendencies may have developed an almost Dickinsonian appreciation for being left alone, we still have had to contend with our own under-stimulation.

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Why I'm Done Dating Until The Pandemic Ends

I went on my first Covid date back in October, a good year and a half into the pandemic. During that year and a half, I had faced many of the usual pandemic-related setbacks, and I simply had more important things to worry about than figuring out what to wear for a Zoom date.