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Cowtown Solves The World's Problems

How Real World Learning Is Equipping Solutionaries In Kansas City

"How can we create a just, healthy, and humane world? What is the path to developing sustainable energy, food, transportation, production, construction, and other systems? What's the best strategy to end poverty and ensure that everyone has equal rights?

Talking With Talker

218: One Kansas City Radio with Gunard Polite

On this week's episode of the Northeast Newscast, we're joined by One Kansas City Radio's Founder and CEO Gunard Polite. The low-powered radio station, which recently moved into the Northeast News studio, unites the multicultural voices in the Kansas City Urban Core through programming and community services that entertain, educate, inform and inspire LIVE at 100.1 FM.

Hottie Fashions New Year

Demi Rose puts on a leggy display in black mini skirt

Demi Rose looked radiant as ever as she put on a leggy display while posing for a stunning new photoshoot on Tuesday. The influencer, 26, donned a bright pink top with a teddy bear print which she wore with a black mini skirt.

DNC Tribute To Politico

Biden and Obama pay tribute to Harry Reid at Vegas memorial, praising him as 'one of the greatest Senate majority leaders in history'

President Biden and former President Barack Obama honored Harry Reid in a memorial service Saturday. Biden and Obama praised the former Senate Majority Leader for his grit and determination. Reid's legacy includes the Affordable Care Act and ending the Senate filibuster on non-SCOTUS nominees.

Build Back Still Busted

Joe Manchin pulls his $1.8 trillion spending compromise off the table: report

Sen. Joe Manchin has yanked his proposal for a $1.8 trillion compromise on President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan off the table, according to reports - potentially the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party's signature social-spending agenda.

MAGA Turnout Downplayed?!?

Trump boasted that the crowd for his speech on Jan. 6 was so big it was a 'sacred number,' and only a 'tiny percent' stormed the Capitol

Donald Trump said the crowd for his speech on January 6 was the biggest he has ever spoken to. Speaking to OAN, Trump complained that the "dishonest" media does not report on the size of the crowd. When Trump told his supporters to march to the Capitol, the crowd at the rally was "at least 10,000," reported AP.


Covid: Thousands protest in France against proposed new vaccine pass

The protests are against a draft law which would in effect ban the unvaccinated from public areas.

TKC Discovers Dream Job

Meet Japan's very busy "Do Nothing Rent-a-Man"

CBS News Tokyo - Throughout his 38 years, Shoji Morimoto had become accustomed to being told by family, classmates and co-workers that he was a "do-nothing" - the kind of guy who stood back and let others take the initiative.

Royal Hotness Celebrated

Duchess Kate celebrates turning 40 with dazzling new birthday photos

Duchess Kate is welcoming her 40s with a glamorous new photo shoot. Kensington Palace released three new portraits of Kate the evening before her 40th birthday on Sunday, taken by photographer Paolo Roversi at Kew Gardens last November. One sepia-tinted photo depicts her wearing a sheer off-the-shoulder gown, tied to each arm with bows with trailing ribbons.

Pron Points Of Little Differences

Adult movie star talks industry as he says it's different to sex with partner

Working in the sex industry isn't for everyone. So if you've ever wondered what it's really like, one man has spilled the beans. Demetri XXX made his debut in the world of porn back in 2001.

Golden Ghetto Foodie Win

WATCH: How Johnson County's favorite empanada stand plans to reach more 'happy tummies' (and where to find them)

Vegans, vegetarians and meat-lovers can all enjoy Happy Tummy's wide variety of empanadas, including: black beans, cheese, chicken, ground beef, shrimp, steak, and eggs and bacon. With farmers' markets across the city closed for winter, the authentic Venezualan flavors are now available frozen and through pop-ups at local breweries, personal orders and catering.

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