Kansas City Rebuilding Barney Allis Plaza Into World's Most Expensive Homeless Camp!!!

A developer disaster in the making hasn't garnered much concern because most of the political leadership for this emerging "neighborhood" is rigged. 

Sadly . . . 

Just about anybody who is actually familiar with this area knows that redevelopment plans have forgotten that homeless will likely ruin a very expensive taxpayer subsidized scam. 

Nevertheless, local "news" carries promotional copy without offering any critical questions . . . 

"At a briefing to a City Council committee Wednesday, consultants said the plaza built in 1955 in the heart of the downtown convention district could be rebuilt to “world-class” condition with a smaller, 600-space underground garage for $112.4 million."

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Barney Allis Plaza Rebuild Plan Has $112.4M Price Tag

Almost three years after launching its search, the city now has solid design plan and price tag for reviving the crumbling Barney Allis Plaza, but appears to be no closer to figuring out how to pay for it.