Kansas City Public Radio Supports COVID Jackson County Public Health Crackdown

Local progressives are quick to turn slapdash legislation into their next local crusade.

To be fair . . . If local Democratic Party loyalists don't impose their will, then they might have to admit that iron-fisted pandemic crackdown policy has finally moved out of public favor.

Here's the way public radio describes the sloppy legislation . . .

"An ordinance proposed by Jackson County legislator Crystal Williams would return authority to the county health director. But Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has already threatened a lawsuit."

Actually, the legislation does a lot more than that.

The switcheroo turns the county health director into a dictator and offers very little checks & balances for his power.

Smarter people than TKC have reservations and, of course, the Missouri AG has threatened to sue after calling the effort "truly insane" . . .

Moreover . . .

Representing this move as a mere "change in framework" or restoration is incorrect . . . Voters are well within their rights to speak up against a rushed alteration in healthcare protocol and granting broad powers to un-elected officials. 

Real talk . . . The entire debacle might just be the latest excuse to start a costly political fight with the leading Missouri candidate for Senate. 

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Missouri Attorney General threatens to sue if Jackson County restores powers to health department

With COVID-19 worsening in the area, a Jackson County legislator is proposing an ordinance to restore some powers to the health department. But Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has already threatened to sue if it passes. On Monday, lawmaker Crystal Williams introduced a measure that would empower the Jackson County Health Department to "protect and promote public health."