Kansas City Progressives Ponder Racism In Suburban Schools

TKC is really uncomfortable using students as political pawns.

We didn't even mention Greta Thunberg on this blog until she turned 18.

Picking on youngsters and using students as props should be out of bounds for EVERYBODY

Sadly, our progressive pals at public radio don't seem to feel that way.

An example from the morning news cycle . . .

This politically charged story has a singular viewpoint that might not tell the whole story: 

KCUR: "More suburban school districts are talking about diversity and inclusion, but their Black students say they continue to face racism and discrimination."

Again, TKC doesn't debate youngsters and we think their viewpoints should be regarded with compassion first. 

The topic of racism in schools is really just another excuse for clueless parents to garner the spotlight. 

Moreover . . . 

Regarding this conversation. Let's not forget a blow-up last year that was completely misreported. Here was our takeaway on the hot mess . . .

Diverse Families Argue That 'Start Slavery Again' Petition Is Free Speech 


Black & Latino youngsters started a misguided and silly online hoax and local news along with many activists mistakenly contended that "systemic racism" was to blame. 

Nevertheless . . .

Creating more "inclusive" and welcoming environments for students is a worthwhile goal . . . Especially after COVID taught us that laptop learning was a bad joke.

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Racism in Kansas City area schools

Instances of bullying and harassment have been increasing for students of color in Kansas and Missouri, and many parents are worried about their children's safety. Plus, residents of Joplin, Missouri, reflect one decade after a tornado destroyed a third of their town.