It's unfair to think that all of a person's belongings can fit into a shopping cart or a nap sack on a stick.

Nevertheless . . . 

This kind of generous offer might spark a bit of resentment given MILLIONS coming out of the budget to support a growing homeless KCMO homeless population. 

Here are the deets for the latest handout . . .

"Kansas City's homeless shelters only permit people to bring one bag during overnight stays, so a new program will provide 30-gallon bins where people can safely lock away the rest of their belongings and retrieve as needed."

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Kansas City now offers storage for unhoused residents so they don't have to leave belongings behind

On one recent Friday afternoon, Larry Williams and his companion Megan Meixner carried with them a popup tent, two sleeping bags strapped precariously to a rolling suitcase, and one more bag lying nearby. Standing at Barney Allis Plaza and 12th Street, the two hoped to get on a bus and figure out where to sleep that night.