Kansas City News Space Out: Chiefs, Rumors Of War & COVID Cont'd

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Locals Pop Bottles As Well

Weekend Possibilities | KC Brew Fest, 'The Office'-Themed Pop Up and Chiefs Game Day

There's no shortage of fun in Kansas City as the Chiefs prepare to host their fourth-straight AFC Championship Game in the NFL playoffs. Pass the time until kickoff with a basket of wings, 1860s dance party or comedian Jim Jeffries at the Midland Theatre. 10:30 - 11 p.m.

Comeback For Now . . .

Factory Activity in Central U.S. Extended Momentum into January -- Kansas City Fed

By Xavier Fontdegloria Manufacturing activity in the central region of the U.S. grew at broadly the same pace in January compared with the previous month, according to a survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City released Thursday.

Rock Chalk Secret Deal Exposed

Mystery company says Kansas is a finalist for massive 3 million square foot 'advanced manufacturing facility'

"You can't disclose what county. You can't disclose what company. It just seems, you know, we used to talk about the backroom shady smoke-filled room deals. And this appears to be along those lines," said Tyson. "As a legislator, mine is about transparency and full disclosure.

STL Gunfire Resonates

Cori Bush's car struck by gunfire while the Missouri lawmaker was not in the vehicle

The car of Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri was struck by gunfire early Saturday morning in the St. Louis area, a Bush spokesperson confirmed to CNN on Thursday.

Maybe Kansas City Isn't America's Team After All . . . 

Map shows who America is rooting for in the Conference Championships

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Four teams remain in the NFL playoffs and a map created by BetOnline.ag shows who each state is rooting for in the AFC and NFC Championship games. BetOnline.ag used geotagged Twitter data and hashtags to determine rooting interest for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

Remembering BFFs

Paris Hilton reveals that 'everything is all good' with Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton revealed that she has reconnected with her old friend Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday during a visit on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo. The 40-year-old heiress, who appeared with her mother Kathy Hilton on the show, said she was on her honeymoon when she saw that Lindsay, 35, had gotten engaged and she reached out to say congratulations.

Super Power Conversation Cont'd

Russia keeps door open to talks as U.S. rejects key security demands

MOSCOW, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Russia said on Thursday it was clear the United States was not willing to address its main security concerns in their standoff over Ukraine, but kept the door open for further dialogue.

Counting Down To Conflict

Ukraine crisis: Biden warns Russia may invade next month

The proposals will not be made public, but US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the document made their "core principles" clear, including Ukraine's sovereignty and its right to choose to be part of security alliances such as Nato.

Vlad Remains Mad

Russia sees 'little ground for optimism' in the U.S.'s response on Ukraine crisis

MOSCOW - The Kremlin said Thursday that there was "little ground for optimism" in resolving the crisis over Ukraine after the U.S. rejected Russia's main demands, but that dialogue was still possible. Tensions have soared in recent weeks, as the United States and its NATO allies expressed concern that a buildup of about 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine signaled that Moscow planned to invade its ex-Soviet neighbor.

MAGA Vs. Former Prez?!?

Trump faces MAGA revolt over endorsement

45th President of the United States Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State Former President Donald Trump is facing serious backlash from die-hard loyalists over his decision to intervene in a Tennessee House race, with his supporters accusing him of spurning a staunch Republican ally who's running.

Polling Bounce For White House

Biden leading Trump, DeSantis by similar margins in new poll

is leading former and Florida Gov. (R) in two hypothetical, head-to-head match-ups for the 2024 presidential election, according to a new poll. The survey, conducted by Marquette Law School, found that 43 percent of adults nationwide would support Biden if the 2024 presidential election were held today, while 33 percent would vote for Trump in a one-on-one match-up.

Undressing The Old School

'Challenging to be nude at 62' Emma Thompson talks how she prepared for full-frontal scene

Celebrated actress Emma Thompson is starring in the film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, which sees a woman hire a male prostitute in the hopes of having an orgasm for the very first time. The film, which also features Peaky Blinders star Daryl McCormack, had its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival over the weekend.

Heroes Remembered

This day in history: It's been 36 years since the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Hide Transcript Show Transcript it is with deep, heartfelt sorrow. I address you here this afternoon at 11:40 a.m. This morning Space program experienced a national tragedy with the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Approximately a minute, half after launch from here at the Kennedy Space Center.


This disappearing space object is emitting giant, highly-polarized radio bursts every 20 minutes

Astronomers have discovered a "really weird" object 4,000 lightyears away from Earth, a study published in Nature on Wednesday said. The object disappears from view every other minute and emits a giant burst of radio waves three times an hour.

Politico Tour Amid Plague

Sarah Palin dined at multiple New York restaurants despite positive Covid test

Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, has continued to dine out at New York City restaurants despite testing positive for Covid-19. The ex-Alaska governor, who is not vaccinated, was spotted on Wednesday eating outdoors at the upper east side restaurant Elio's after testing positive for the illness, according to photos published by Mediaite.

Pandemic Persists

What to know about BA.2, the newest Covid omicron variant

As coronavirus case numbers in the U.S. show early signs of tapering, scientists are keeping a watchful eye on a newly identified version of the omicron variant, nicknamed "stealth omicron," that is driving new outbreaks in parts of Europe. The culprit is a "subvariant" of the omicron variant, which means it's closely related to omicron but has some different mutations.

Should Kangaroos Cover Up?!?

At UMKC, a rare Missouri college without a mask mandate, students are 'on edge' about COVID outbreaks

As COVID-19 numbers hit record highs across the state, students at the University of Missouri returned to in-person classes last week without a mask requirement in place. Corby Schmitz, a freshman at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, says that's left him anxiously checking if he's been exposed to the virus in one of his classes.

Booze Debuts Fan Tribute

J. Rieger & Co. decorates still to celebrate Chiefs' run in the playoffs

coach, we're ready whenever you are. Okay. Good. Um so the only person who didn't practice today was Tyron, but he's in the protocol, so um doing very well. We'll just see how, see how it does tomorrow and and there's a chance if everything works out, then you'll be able to get back.

Westport Institution Returns

A new restaurant from Guy's Snacks serves subs and pizza inside Kelly's Westport Inn in Kansas City

Harper and Miller knew their menu had to include classic sandwich options that customers clamor for, so you'll find an Italian and a Reuben. There's also a veggie panini and pastrami sandwich, topped with Provolone and a mustard crafted from an old Kelly's recipe.

Songs Selected By Politico

The Pitch's Infinite Playlist: Round 11: Jason Kander

The Pitch's Infinite Playlist. // Illustration by Shelby Phelps Welcome to The Pitch's Infinite Playlist, a forever-growing playlist of songs picked by people in KC. View/follow the full playlist on Spotify and you can always go back and check out the full run of articles. Throw the playlist on shuffle and enjoy away!

Baller Gets Better

All signs point to Tyrann Mathieu playing vs. Bengals

Every sign points to Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu taking the field for the AFC championship game on Sunday, beginning with his official practice status on Thursday. Mathieu entered the concussion protocol after seven snaps against the Buffalo Bills and did not play the rest of the game.

Weekend Warmup Ahead . . . 

Light snow overnight before a weekend warmup


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