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Local Flavor Celebrated

Kansas City's salsa community dances into the spotlight at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

On the dance floor and against the backdrop of the Latin American rhythms of the music, a salsa community has sprung up in Kansas City. And it's the focus of the exhibition, "Aliza Nisenbaum: AquĆ­ Se Puede (Here You Can)" at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art through July 31.

Pandemic Pitch In

KSDE says parents, working professionals are stepping up to fill substitute roles

OLATHE, Kan. - Last week, the Kansas State Department of Education decided to ease the qualifications required to become a substitute teacher to help schools. On Monday, the state said the ones stepping up for schools, applying to substitute, are working professional parents. Mirah Nash is one of them.

Show-Me MAGA Midterm Campaign

Missouri US Senate candidate ad falsely claims 2020 election was 'stolen'

The news release calls the 2020 election "the greatest theft of an election in American history." MISSOURI, USA - A Republican congressman running for U.S. Senate in Missouri released a 30-second ad Thursday that falsely claims the 2020 election was "rigged" and "stolen" from former President Donald Trump.

Rock Chalk Slave Labor Upgrade???

Will Kansas lawmakers approve raises for prison workers?

by: Rebekah Chung Posted: / Updated: TOPEKA, (KSNT) - Short-staffed Kansas correctional facilities are pointing to salary and wage issues, making it hard to retain and recruit workers. Kansas lawmakers in the House Transportation and Public Safety Budget committee, held their first round of hearings on the issue on Wednesday.

Toast To Cowtown Comeback

Kansas City's most anticipated bars and restaurants of 2022

This year, the list of new restaurant openings is vast and varied, giving hope that restaurants are finding a path forward after two years of pandemic pivots. In 2022, Kansas City will see more restaurants cooking with live-fire hearths and serving fine dishes made from strictly farm-fresh Midwestern ingredients, while teeny tiny coffee and cocktail spots show their interest in both inclusion and community building.


Pornhub CEO claims mansion was burned down by religious group angry over his work

The CEO of Pornhub has said that his Montreal mansion could have been burned down by a religious group angry at his work. The home of Feras Antoon, 46, was burned down on 25 April last year in an incident believed to have been an arson attack.

Prez Pushes Back

Biden swipes Fox News reporter for pressing him on growing Russia-Ukraine conflict: 'What a stupid question'

President Biden took a swipe at Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich for attempting to press him following his controversial remarks about the escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict. During his marathon press conference, Biden sparked an international firestorm as critics accused him of providing a "green light" for Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin an invasion in Ukraine.

MAGA Feeling Anything But Peachy Amid Investigation

Georgia prosecutor requests special grand jury in Trump election probe

Jan 20 (Reuters) - The prosecutor for Georgia's biggest county on Thursday requested a special grand jury with subpoena power to aid her investigation into then-President Donald Trump's efforts to influence the U.S. state's 2020 election results.


The Story Behind TIME's 'Year One' Joe Biden Cover

Here's the story behind TIME's cover about the first year of Joe Biden's presidency.

Mayo Pete Argues For FAIL

Pete Buttigieg pushes back against Joy Reid's claim that infrastructure bill was a 'White guy employment act'

President Biden's Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pushed back against MSNBC's Joy Reid's assertion that the infrastructure bill mostly benefited White guys and excluded other groups on MSNBC's the "ReidOut" Thursday. MSNBC host Joy Reid asked, "Do you think it was a mistake looking back, because you know that the infrastructure bill that was passed was cleaved apart from what's now being called Build Back Better.

Rumors Of War

Ukraine tension: Urgent US-Russia talks in Geneva as invasion fears grow

Following discussions in Berlin with British, French and German officials, Mr Blinken said on Thursday that allowing a Russian incursion into Ukraine would "drag us all back to a much more dangerous and unstable time, when this continent, and this city, were divided in two... with the threat of all-out war hanging over everyone's heads".


Iran announces naval drills with Russia, China

Iranian media on Wednesday reported that trilateral naval drills with China and Russia would begin this week, with an official saying they were meant to "strengthen security." Citing reports from the Iranian Students News Agency, Reuters reported that Mostafa Tajoldin, a public relations official for the Iranian armed forces, confirmed the drills will start this Friday north of the Indian Ocean.

Journalism Survives Swipe

West Virginia reporter hit by car on live tv - and continues reporting

A TV reporter in West Virginia shocked viewers during a live shot when she was struck by a vehicle - but bounced back up to finish her report. "Oh my god! I just got hit by a car, but I'm OK.

Hip Hop Isn't A Crime

Stars including Jay-Z call for end to use of rap lyrics as criminal evidence

Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Kelly Rowland and Killer Mike are among the star names arguing for a change in New York law that would prevent rap lyrics being used as evidence in criminal trials. The vocalists, joined by Fat Joe, Yo Gotti, Robin Thicke and more, have signed a letter urging lawmakers in New York state to back the proposed change and uphold freedom of expression.

Finale For EPIC Vocalist

Meat Loaf Dies: 'Bat Out Of Hell' Singer & 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Actor Was 74

Meat Loaf, the hardworking singer and actor whose Bat Out of Hell is one of the best-selling albums ever and who played Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, has died. He was 74.

Big Game Scenarios Abound

Ranking best possible Super Bowl 2022 matchups: Chiefs seek revenge on Bucs, 49ers get rematch vs. Kansas City

The NFL postseason is well underway following Super Wild Weekend. It was an opening act that was a mix of home teams holding court with a stunning collapse by one of them -- the Dallas Cowboys yielding to the bully ball ways of the San Francisco 49ers at AT&T Stadium.

Winter Weekend Awaits

4 Things To Do In KC This Weekend: January 21-23

Looking for something to do this week? Check out these three things to do this week in Kansas City.

Getting Touchy Feel-y In JoCo

Overland Park Convention Center creates sensory room for guests who may need it

The Overland Park Convention Center created a new sensory room for neurodiverse, autistic and disabled individuals."Those with sensory sensitivities are a really underserved portion of our population," said Brett Mitchell, general manager of the Overland Park Convention Center.The room has comfortable beanbag chairs and relaxing games for the brain."We think of those in our families who may be autistic, suffer from dementia, PTSD or other like conditions," Mitchell said.The new sensory room at the Overland Park Convention Center is the first of its kind at convention centers nationwide.

Fielding More Hype

Precision Mazes creates 'KC Got Their Swagger Back' crop art in Missouri field following previous tribute to Andy Reid

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A lifelong Chiefs fan and his team are creating eye-catching crop art and corn mazes, including designs crafted to support the Kansas City Chiefs. The team at Precision Mazes have created their designs in crop fields around the country for more than 20 years.

Katie Forecast For Now

Chilly Friday, Warmer Weekend

Today: Continued cold, not as cold as Thursday though. High 28, wind chill 20° Wind ESE 10 mphSaturday: Cloudy to start 19°. Mostly clear to end High 40°. Wind NW 10 mphSunday: partly cloudy 43°. Today: Continued cold, not as cold as Thursday though.

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