Kansas City Midweek: Kittens, Chickens, Pr0n, Fire & COVID Masks

On this cold-ass morning we're inspired by the mainstream pr0n game as we take a peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines  for right now . . .

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Gearing Up For COVID Future

Federal free mask program begins Wednesday at area grocery stores, pharmacies

KANSAS CITY METRO (KCTV) -- Those in Kansas and Missouri can start receiving their free N95 masks today as part of the federal government program to distribute 400 million face coverings to pharmacies and grocery stores across the country. That includes 275 Hy-Vee pharmacies in the Midwest.

Midtown Blaze Overnight

KCFD investigating fire near 43rd, Pennsylvania

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department is investigating the cause of a fire near 43rd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. A home in the 600 block of West 43rd Street caught fire about 1:25 a.m. Two adults and a dog were inside the home when the fire started.

Newsflash: Bills Are Killing You!!!

Even in the Midwest, health insurance ain't cheap

Many people move to Kansas or Missouri for a lower cost of living, but when it comes to health insurance, where you live seems to make little difference. Medical care and prescription drugs are already scarily expensive, and they're taking an even bigger part of people's paychecks.

Pr0n Players Secretly Desire Romance?!?!

What Pornhub's 2021 Search Trends Say About Us

Before we fully throw 2021 into the "let us never speak of it again" file and slam the drawer shut, why not let's take a look back at the year in online porn? After all, every year, porn video sharing network Pornhub releases a deep dive into that year's traffic, providing a look at the world's secret desires.

Russia, Russia, Russia Redux

White House says Russian invasion of Ukraine remains 'imminent'

The White House says a Russian invasion of Ukraine is "imminent," even as diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis proceed.


Trump declares himself the '47th' president while playing golf

Donald Trump has confidently declared himself the "45th and 47th" US President. The former president made the remarks while playing a round of golf at one of his clubs, according to a video being shared widely on social media on Wednesday.

Veep Iced Out Of Beltway?!?

The Veep who detests D.C. bubble mulls her escape - POLITICO

She wholeheartedly wants to get out. She said she was 'Zoom'd out,' she would love to be in-person engaging. Ebonie Riley, a senior vice president at National Action Network Inside Harris' office and among her advisers, confidants and close allies, there's a near universal belief that she is mired by a contradiction: While she's among the most powerful people in the world, owing to her swift rise in national politics, people still don't know her at the levels they need to.

Olympic COVID Comeback

Beijing sees uptick in COVID cases ahead of Olympics

BEIJING (AP) - The Chinese capital reported 14 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday as it began a third round of mass testing of millions of people in the run-up to the Winter Olympics.

Yeezy Decries Fake News Love

Kanye West 'believes Kim's relationship with Pete Davidson is FAKE'

Kanye West believes his estranged wife Kim Kardashian's relationship with Pete Davidson is fake, according to a new report. It has been claimed that the rapper, 44, has told friends that the beauty, 41, and father of his four children is 'making up story lines for her life' and that he is 'sick of it'.

About Northeast Cat Lady 

Caring for community cats

By Dorri Partain A colony of feral cats roaming the alleys of the Pendleton Heights neighborhood has brought a group of neighbors and cat lovers together to care for them - feeding, creating shelter, and finding new homes.

JoCo Flavor Homegrown

Overland Park to launch pilot program for backyard chickens

by: Sydnie Holzfaster Posted: / Updated: OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A new pilot program will soon make it easier for people in Overland Park to raise backyard chickens. On Monday, the Overland Park City Council approved an ordinance to create a pilot program for keeping chickens inside city limits.


Cold Start To The Day

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