Kansas City Mayor Q Will Win Reelection Because He's Popular (Lulz)

TKC loves to laugh. In fact, we always have to remind denizens of the discourse that the masthead of this dumb-ass blog has included "JOKES" since its inception. We don't promise that our hot take is always funny but chuckles at the expense of our betters along with clowning the news of the day is the whole point of our bloggy journey via this humble web outlet. 

Accordingly . . .


At the very least, the setup is worthy of consideration . . .

"Despite what you might read in the comment section, Lucas is extremely popular. He is extremely popular even with the a unique ability to an equal opportunity pain to every highly involved group in the city but not enough to cause an open revolt. I’d argue that despite the political skirmishes among him and the Highly Engaged groups on the issues, he has grown his popularity among the larger voting public."

To be fair . . .

There are a lot or reasons why Mayor Q could win reelection . . .

He'll have more money than most contenders. 

Generally, Kansas City hates change and the incumbent always has an advantage. Only one local loser managed to screw that up. 

There won't be a viable opponent.

The mayor's power move will likely work again . . . He has a knack for being so friendly that his opponents drop their guard . . . And then he, inevitably, calls them racist. The slap in the face shocks his competitor, leaves them defenseless, defeated, feeling betrayed and then Q waltzes to victory.

Or, the most likely scenario, is that opponents won't be able to engage voters enough to spike voter turnout in the Northland. 

Nevertheless . . . 

Likeability, popularity or perceived affection from the voting public isn't really an issue or an advantage in KCMO mayoral elections. 

We'll talk more about this later this morning but here's a truism: 

A mayor of Kansas City has NEVER won reelection after starting a political war with police leadership.

In fact, even a lukewarm working relationship with the po-po has destroyed many municipal political careers. 

We don't offer this not-so-fun fact out of fealty . . . It's merely a reality of local politics. 

Nevertheless . . . This hype post from an ambitious local scribe/pundit makes us laugh nevertheless. And that's why it earns our consideration and reminds us of big booty hottie KB giggling amid her glory days.  

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Folks...He's Running

Folks...he's running. Recently, Mayor Quinton Lucas announced he will be running for re-election in 2023. He's racked up an impressive $370,000 in cash on hand so far for that effort. And despite what you might read in the comment section, Lucas is extremely popular.

You decide . . .