Credit to local news for FINALLY reporting that city hall is on permanent lockdown.

The wall sends a horrible message to Kansas City voters and provides yet another sign that they're out of touch.

Even worse, remember that our mayor is very much against walls as a matter of public policy. He talks a great game about immigrant rights, speaks fluent Spanish AND at one point he even promised one of those freebie "municipal ID cards" that are intended thwart immigration protocols . . . To be fair, that move isn't needed now that US borders are basically open . . .

Worse than all of this is that the public no longer has faith in 12th & Oalk talking points . . .

The fencing replaces the more temporary-looking fencing that had been in place since last summer shortly after a collapse of a Florida building. Inspections revealed an aging and damaged parking garage below City Hall's plaza may not be able to support the load of crowds gathering above.

"The initial fence that was put out was just sort of a chain link fence it was what was available at the time and the inspection was done and we determined out of an abundance of caution to close the South Plaza lawn," Maggie Green, Kansas City media relations manager, said.

"No I don't believe that, I think it's probably to keep the homeless off of the grass," one woman said walking past the fence today.

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New sturdier fence around Kansas City's City Hall raising questions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - New sturdier fencing now cemented into areas around Kansas City's City Hall isn't permanent according to a Kansas City spokesperson. Walking by you can't help but notice the fence and wonder why it's there. "I suppose it's to prevent vandalism maybe," Bill Whitt thought.