Kansas City Hipsters Finally Coming Around To Opposing Developer Tax Breaker Far Too Late

Don't worry, nothing is going to change . . . Except we noticed a few feisty social media feeds sharing this note with the same kind of self-righteous indignation that's typically reserved for one of Anderson Cooper's crusades.

The overview . . .

Lux Living is proposing to build 192 apartments near the Katz Drug Store. The overall project is opposed by many area residents, including the tenant union KC Tenants.

Dylan Pyles, who used to live in the area, began gathering signatures for a letter to Redeemer in mid-January urging the church not to go through with the sale.

"We’re talking about an entire community and neighborhood on the brink of gentrification," the letter states. "People will be displaced. People will have to leave the neighborhood. Some of them will have nowhere else to go. For a church that has proclaimed the teachings of Christ to perpetrate this level of harm would be hypocritical and contradictory to the example set by Christ in scripture."

The letter has garnered 240 signatures so far, Pyles said.

Pyles, who now lives in Kansas City, Kansas, isn’t opposed to converting the space into housing. But Pyles and other signatories want it turned into affordable housing that meets the needs of people who live in midtown.

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Some Kansas City residents want to halt the sale of the historic Katz Drug Store in midtown

Six months after the Kansas City Council approved tax breaks for a proposal to turn the former Katz Drug Store in Westport into amenities for nearby luxury apartments, some Kansas City residents are asking the owner of the building to back out of its sale.