Kansas City Google Fiber Workers Want Union

If white collar tech workers don't want to be outsourced by robots, they'll quickly work to unionize.

Here's a peek at the process in Kansas City and a reason to be nice to very patient people who deal with a litany of dumb challenging questions every day.

Check-it . . .

"What makes this push to form a bargaining unit somewhat unusual, however, has been the decision to skip straight to petitioning the National Labor Relations Board. Typically, this is the longer, more arduous option when an employer refuses to voluntarily recognize a union. But, Alphabet and BDS have neither attempted to quash the union drive, nor expressed a willingness to recognize it."There's been no acknowledgement, no pushback. no response at all yet," they said. Google and BDS have not responded to requests for comment . . ."

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Google Fiber workers in Kansas City make a bid to unionize | Engadget

A supermajority of customer service representatives for Google Fiber, operating out of a store in Kansas City, Missouri, have signed union cards in the hopes of bargaining their first contract with their bosses. They're organizing under the auspices of the Alphabet Workers Union, a year-old division of the Communication Workers of America which is seeking to represent employees and contractors at all level of Google's parent company.