Dig Deep: Kansas City Gardeners Must Adapt To Climate Change

Hottie Jordan reminds us that our world probably shouldn't revolve around busty glam models. 

Nevertheless and speaking of spilling seed (eewwwww) we take a peek at public radio attempting to terrify another group of locals with news of the sky falling.

Again, AOC seyz we only have less than 12 years to harvest crops and so this report might not matter.

Accordingly, here's the word about an impending change up for your back yard as the world burns . . .

"As another growing season approaches, gardeners may need to change the varieties or the types of vegetables they plant."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

How to plan a Kansas City garden for a changing climate

Our climate is changing and we are seeing more droughts, floods, and temperature swings. This weather can be hard on your vegetable garden. Some advice on how to prepare for the spring growing season and plant a climate resilient garden.