Kansas City Death Cult History Exposed

Tonight we share a reflection on what this town believes and now that has impacted life on local streets for both better and worse.

Here's an EXCEPTIONAL passage from a Sunday report . . .

“I am Adam God, father of Jesus Christ!” the leader screamed with a Bible in one hand and a revolver in the other stuffed in the face of the juvenile court officer.

  On December 8, 1908, five people lost their lives, and at the center of the event was a religious cult leader known to his followers as “Adam God.”

  Before we explore this shocking Adam God Riot on Kansas City’s streets, we need to take a closer look at how this religious sect developed and who was at the center of this horrific event.

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Exploring the Adam God cult that stormed Kansas City's streets

It was a cold December day on the streets of Kansas City. At 4th and Main, some attention was drawn to a group of strangers led by a wiry, bearded older gentleman and an attractive woman, singing on the corner, asking those passing by to give them money.