Kansas City Elite Share 2022 Resolutions With Hipsters

Close readers may not believe this but we want The Pitch to succeed. 

Quick quotes from our betters might be one path toward sustainability . . . Given that their production schedule has been even worse than TKC during the holidays.

Accordingly . . . .

Here's the intro to a worthwhile segment featuring the ruling class offering their inspiration for this year:

"For our first issue of 2022, we asked a variety of Kansas Citians to tell us what their New Year’s resolutions were for next year, and the responses we got are as diverse as our city itself.

"As we welcome the new year, consider some of these responses and the causes they promote. For everyone listed here, there are probably dozens more that are just as worthy of your attention and efforts."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

High Resolution: Kansas Citians plan for 2022

Illustration By Meg Wagler Two years. We are now two years beyond the precedented times, and at this point, we can only hope that COVID will conclude as a trilogy. If anything, 2021 reflected just how much Kansas Citians need each other.