Kansas City Doc Explains 'Flurona' Trending

Here's a peek the latest health scare that's helping to shut down American hospitals and serves as fodder for the 12 people watching CNN. 

This one is for all of the scientists . . . 

While the term "flurona" may sound funny or even made up, contracting both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time is no laughing matter.

"We know the risk is there. We know that people die every year of influenza," Dr. Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System said. "So it's certainly worse or potentially worse to have an infection with both of them at that same time.”

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What is 'flurona?' Kansas City area health experts explain

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Health officials say the term "flurona" has taken off thanks to social media. While the term is new, the diagnosis isn't. It just refers to someone infected with both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. It's also known as co-infection. "Certainly we chuckle at it.