Kansas City Crime Ring Indicted

For close readers, the case against an ALLEGED crew of prolific local crooks is important inasmuch as it reminds locals that this town is also home to big time crooks in addition to world class ballers. 

Here's the money line . . . 

"It took local, state and federal investigators years to put together the case against Wandale J. Fulton. Now the alleged ring leader is set for trial in federal court in Kansas City next month."

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Identity theft, auto title scams, arson for profit - a Kansas City crime ring allegedly did it all

You've probably never heard of Wandale J. Fulton. But by the end of this story, you might wonder why you haven't. Investigators say Fulton and his confederates juggled multiple illegal schemes for years that may have netted them over $322,000 - although the actual number is still uncertain.