Kansas City Country Club Plaza Lights Restart For COVID Tribute

A happy occasion and local tradition has been repurposed to drive home a pandemic message. 

This might or might not help the fading fortunes of local retail.

Given rising inflation, it might not even help the struggling entertainment district in the least. 

Nevertheless, here's a peek at the inspiring message . . . 

The lights are turned on every Thanksgiving and shine through the holiday season until the middle of January when they go dark for another year.

This year, the lights will make an unprecedented revival.

It's all part of a national effort by the U.S. Engineering Chairman to recognize the effort by those working in health care, public safety and education during the pandemic.

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You aren't seeing things. The Plaza lights will be shining again this week

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City Christmas tradition will make an encore in a new way for the first time Wednesday evening. This time it's to publicly honor and thank frontline workers. The Plaza lights will briefly be turned on again, even though they've just been turned off for the season.