Kansas City Buck O'Neil Bridge Adorns Build Back Better Hype

At least what looks like the the Kansas City bridge silhouette serves as background and evokes pride amongst locals despite the defeated legislation that might have to be renamed and passed piecemeal.

Just for edification, we share this quick update on the deal that's just as doomed as the local bridge which should be torn down very soon . . . Check-it . . .

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Democrats seek to revive parts of Biden's Build Back Better program - live

Senator Joe Manchin, who doomed the legislation last month, says negotiations will be 'starting from scratch'

Chris Hayes: Lawmakers must prioritize climate in the Build Back Better bill

Chris Hayes: "Lawmakers must do whatever they can to get the bill's climate provisions signed into law. That is what prioritization demands. It's what the planet demands."

'No SALT no deal': Democrats vow to block Build Back Better bill without tax break

Several U.S. House members from President Joe Biden's Democratic Party are threatening to block a renewed push for his Build Back Better spending bill if it does not include the expansion of a federal deduction for taxes paid to states and local entities.

Democrats may have to sacrifice something big for the climate

Historic climate legislation may still have a chance. Success now hinges on Democrats, once and for all, figuring out exactly what it is Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) wants to bring him back to the negotiating table to pass a version of the Build Back Better Act.

Pelosi: Build Back Better may need to be 'more limited,' renamed

Speaker (D-Calif.) conceded Thursday that to revive 's stalled Build Back Better package, Democrats may need to rebrand and scale back the massive climate and social spending package. Biden, in a marathon news conference a day earlier, had suggested that the House-passed Build Back Better Act may need to be broken up into "chunks" and then pieced back together to see what could win support from Sen.

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