Internets 'Attacks' Against Brittany Matthews: Fair Game Or Trolling?!?

From our vantage, a celeb who owes her fortune to public perception and constantly offers her "content" to the masses doesn't really have any right to feel indignant about routine push back. 

Big picture . . .

Those who complain about the spotlight are typically devastated when it inevitably moves away.

Nevertheless . . .

 As we noted yesterday, there's a great deal of support Brit and she's attempting to play up the public sympathy angle for all its worth . . . Even if critics have not relented . . . Example:

Others also claim that the celly might have been a bit excessive -- despite the game being incredible -- considering it was the divisional round.

Matthews responded to the backlash on Twitter this week ... saying she's sick of being ridiculed for her every move.

"I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week," Matthews said.

When another user replied by saying anyone against the celebration has "clearly never won anything before" ... Brittany replied, "Accurate."

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