Inflation Threatens To Wipe Out Kansas City Small Biz

Economic harsh times confronts local merchants and there's no help on the horizon.

The KC metro biz community is putting on a brave face but a quick peek at all the shuttered storefronts in town is certainly a cause for concern.

Here's an overview of the sitch . . .

"The National Federation of Independent Businesses released new data indicating 22% of small businesses reported inflation as their top problem and 49% said job openings continue to remain unfilled."

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Kansas City small businesses raise prices to try to keep up with inflation

Inflation continues to soar and small businesses in the Kansas City area are struggling to keep up. The prices of their products are increasing on a daily basis, and that's forcing them to increase their prices and get rid of the items and deals that bring you into their doors.

Labor shortages pose grave challenge to small business owners

Ongoing labor shortages, the Omicron variant of and supply chain constraints continue to plague small businesses struggling to weather the persistent, nearly two-year-long pandemic. In fact, a large majority of small business owners say they need more federal aid if they are going to stay afloat.

Small Businesses Need Help Again. But More Stimulus Could Be Risky

The speedy spread of the omicron variant hobbled businesses small and large alike. But this time around, they've had to fend for themselves.

Inflation is eating away at the heart of America's small businesses

Of the four restaurants Rick McQuaide owns across several counties in Western Pennsylvania, one is barely making a profit, two are losing money and the fourth has been "temporarily" closed for far longer than he ever anticipated. The 58-year-old small businessman from nearby Cambria County has one word for why he finds himself in this position - and it isn't the pandemic.

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