In Case You Missed It: Cruz Endorses Kobach

It's Thursday and that's when we typically like to check in on our old pal Kris Kobach.

At the conclusion of last year he earned an important endorsement that was otherwise overlooked.

Here's the word . . . 

"“What I like most about Kris is that he won’t back down from fighting for America. I encourage all conservatives in Kansas to get behind and support Kris Kobach to take the fight to the radical left…” -@tedcruz"

Here's why that line is important . . .

People who actually follow politics remember that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won the Kansas Republican caucuses by an overwhelming margin.

Bucking pop culture wisdom is one of the very best things about Kansas and so we don't blame the Kobach campaign for highlighting this nod . . . Take a look:

You decide . . .