Follow-Up: Kansas City Socialists Report Worsening Ford Worker COVID Complaints

Local activists are doing insider first person reporting in Claycomo and offering a glimpse at how the company is coming with this latest stage of the pandemic.

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“But in the bathrooms, everything is close quarters. There wasn’t even soap in the bathroom for two or three days. Everybody goes through same turnstiles together. I don’t think Ford is taking it seriously enough. They did have a COVID temp outside, they took that down a while ago. There were some times, they’d be taking someone’s temperature three or four times, until eventually they’d get a reading okay enough for them to come in.

“Our masks are really flimsy too. You can blow through your mask, and feel the air. It’s so much you have to do to not get infected in there, it almost seems impossible.

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Ford Kansas City Assembly workers speak out against mass infections and deaths in the plant

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