EPIC KCMO Water Bond Vote Coming Soon

We blogged this last year but the low turnout vote was pushed back in favor of an ever LOWER turnout election cycle. 

These kind of votes are usually a rigged slam dunk with no opposition. 

The punchline is that a great deal of this cash will be clandestinely redirected to other places and/or serving as nothing more than a full employment plan for all of the entitled creeps who work for Burns & Mac: 

On December 13, KC Water’s Utility Operations Officer Charles Stevens spoke at the South Kansas City Alliance meeting at the South Patrol Police Campus to outline a $750 million city revenue bond issue to be voted on by KCMO residents on April 5, 2022, for the purpose of “rehabilitating, expanding and improving the city’s sanitary sewer system.”

Funding from a similar $500 million revenue bond issue overwhelmingly approved by KCMO voters in 2012 to reduce overflows was exhausted in April of this year.

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$750 million sewer bond issue to be decided by Kansas City voters in April 5 election

It's easy to take for granted the bureaucratic decisions that ultimately determine the quality of municipal services we enjoy as Kansas City residents.