Developers Plan To Pack Hipsters Into City Market Despite COVID

The worst part of new development schemes around Downtown Kansas City is that there isn't really much "new" about them at all.

Accordingly, here's hype for another project and promotion of the latest tax break . . .

Of course its disguised as news . . .

The proposed project encountered obstacles on the way, including push back from the Federal Aviation Administration about its height, and concerns from downtown advocates that its original, 400-space garage proposal was too large.

The FAA has given tentative approval to the 13-story height, significantly taller than the seven- to eight stories the agency originally contemplated. The FAA has authority over building heights because of flight paths to the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

The planned garage no longer will replace the 160 public spaces that exist on the surface lot. It now will include 20 paid public spaces and 20 free spaces for City Market tenants. The remaining 220 spaces are for residents.

There also will be 23 on-site surface spaces available to the public.

We're not sure but a new set of steak knives might also be part of the deal for hipsters who call now.

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Proposed City Market Apartment Tower Hailed as Future Development Model

A 13-story, 300-unit apartment development planned for just west of the City Market was endorsed by a Port KC committee Monday after being hailed by the city manager as a model for future downtown development.