Credit To Kansas City Housewife

A new South Side place is earning a great deal of love from foodies and rather than offer another bad put we simply share some of the best write-ups on the new place.

Just a taste . . .

"Housewife’s pastry chef, Zoey Ramberg, is something of a wonder. She wakes up at 2 a.m. every workday to begin the painstaking process of making croissants and other breads, all so guests can eat pastries for breakfast when they are at their freshest. Ramberg’s croissants are textbook perfect . . ."

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Housewife cleans up: Business is brisk at Grandview's newest Cafe & Bistro

It's almost 3 pm and customers are hustling to the door to get in before closing time. Grandview's newest cafe and bistro, Housewife, is creating a buzz in south KC. Housewife opened its doors on December 1, a dream come true for owner Anna Sorge.

Eat This Now: The almond croissant at Housewife

The almond croissant at Housewife. // Photo by April Fleming You can find a lot of (really) good sweets to try at Anna Sorge's Grandview restaurant, Housewife. There are coconut macaroons the size of a fist, panna cotta with oatmeal cookie crumble on top, lemon pound cake with candied lemon rind-the list goes on.

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