COVID Impacts Kansas City Metro Emergency Services

The pandemic is hitting ever facet of local life . . . Yet again.

Here's the latest example . . .

“It’s just extra work. It’s an extra workload for our employees, it creates an extra strain for them,” said Deputy Chief Scott Sare, Johnson County MED-ACT.

Sare says MED-ACT calls are above average.

“With that comes a strain on our system, our employees feel tired,” he said.

He says on average, they receive 128 calls a day. And as of late, it’s increased to 146 calls.

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EMS crews strained by full hospitals, patients forced to wait and choose

OLATHE, Kan. - The Johnson County EMS System Medical Director, Ryan Jacobsen, says the community still hasn't seen the peak of COVID-19 omicron variant cases. With the ongoing surge overburdening hospitals that are critically understaffed, increased calls for emergency medical services are an additional challenge to those that might take a ride with them.